Vilnius, Lithuania

Quadrum Business City

The Challenge. AZCM has been entrusted to manage the construction of 70,000 square meter, EUR 75 million Quadrum Business City in Vilnius.
The Challenge. AZCM has been entrusted to manage the construction of 70,000 square meter, EUR 75 million Quadrum Business City in Vilnius.
AZCM provided complete package of construction management services to its client – the Norwegian property development company Schage Real Estate. The project involves over 40,000 sq m of office and retail space, a 30,000 sq m three-story underground parking garage, more than 50 different contractors, subcontractors, suppliers and vendors, hundreds of workers on-site every day, the newest and most advanced construction, technical and technology solutions. The construction of an office building of such size and complexity has not been seen before in Lithuania.

The main, eastern 17-story tower rests on a concrete slab, which was poured using 3,000 cubic meters of concrete. Such a unique and very complex building structure was used for the first time in Lithuania. As designed by Norwegian architects, part of the 17-story East building above the third floor is biased and "suspended" above the ground, creating an impression that 3 bottom floors are supporting the 14 top floors. For the load-bearing purposes and in order to accomplish this architectural feature, a gigantic custom-made 220-ton steel truss had to be installed.

Moreover, the same type of 220-ton steel truss is also used to build the 12-story North building of Quadrum Business City.
It took 5 days just to assemble 40 truckloads of component parts shipped from neighboring Latvia to build a 750 ton lifting capacity crane, which was used for installation of one of these megastructures.

Because this was the first time such a construction solution was used in Lithuania, we had to be extremely precise, accurate and detailed in planning the work and logistics. We constantly improved our knowledge and expertise on this unique solution to ensure highly professional and precise process management.

Also unique in Lithuania was the use of monolithic cavity-type floor slabs fabricated using plastic "bubbles". They take up a certain volume inside the slab, reducing the amount of concrete required as well as the weight of the structure.

Other construction solutions that are still new or uncommon in Lithuania are also being utilized in building Quadrum. They include exposed concrete, tight wire rope and a unique foundation slab, which was poured using 3,000 cubic meters of concrete.

70 000 sq. m

Total area


45 000 sq. m

Office space


2 000 sq. m

Interior courtyard


30 000 sq. m

Underground parking facilities

Innovative technologies and energy-saving solutions distinguish Quadrum Business City from other business centers in Lithuania. A “Demand Control” ventilation system was installed in every building of the business center. It automatically adjusts the supply of fresh air depending on the number of people inside. The unique insulating properties of the façade and its automatically adjusting blinds ensure that the building does not overheat, thus saving a considerable amount of energy. Moreover, a geothermal heating system provides Quadrum with over 10% of all required energy. State-of-the-art engineering systems and innovative architectural solutions ensure energy consumption that is 30% lower than that of other similar buildings.

Quadrum undoubtedly became the pride of Vilnius. The business center contain not only modern offices but also multifunctional conference halls, restaurants, leisure and service zones and landscaped inner courtyards. One of the largest commercial banks in Lithuania, Luminor (formerly DNB), became the major tenant occupying the tallest building of the business center.
Quadrum was the first business center in Lithuania for which the construction process was managed in accordance with the prestigious BREEAM standard and rating system. The elements that were assessed included the structural stability of the building and its impact on health, energy-saving, water quality, effective utilization of materials and waste management. The BREAAM system focused on occupational safety, cleanliness and tidiness on construction sites, environmental care and suitable work conditions for all employees.

BREEAM standards not only signify an innovative, modern and responsible approach to construction management, but most importantly they ensure that positive and optimistic emotions are built into the walls of the project. This is the greatest value to our client.
Quadrum is the first business center in Lithuania designed and built in compliance with the BREEAM (Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method) international sustainable building standard. This project is also the most modern office project in Lithuania and has set a higher quality standard for the entire Vilnius office sector.
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