This is AZCM.
Your Full-Service Construction Department

AZCM is a privately held construction management company established in 2008 in Vilnius, Lithuania. The company provides its clients with a complete package of construction management services, representing their interests during pre-design, design, pre-construction, construction and post-construction stages.

AZCM and its employees have extensive experience in design management, procurement and construction of large-scale and challenging projects in Lithuania and abroad, such as office buildings, shopping centers, international hotel chains, industrial buildings, and civil construction projects.

AZCM currently maintains most of its workload from repeat business and referrals. Our professional liability is insured for EUR 1.45 million.

By adding value to your project we seek the same objectives – to evaluate and minimize risk, guarantee excellent results, surpass expectations and always be a step ahead while standing by your side.

By working together from the very beginning – your initial business idea – we provide added value to the project. We devote exceptional attention to the analysis of your business needs so the building meets all quality and durability requirements, guarantees property value and liquidity, and ensures the greatest returns on investment and the lowest operational costs.

Unique Role

We work as your own temporary construction department. All contractors and suppliers are managed and controlled directly, without introducing many layers of management. You are in control.

Unique Expertise

Because of our experience working for large Norwegian, Swedish, Danish and Lithuanian construction and property development companies, as well as managing complex projects, AZCM has the knowledge and skills to handle projects of all types. Few situations are new to us, and construction management is our passion.

Unique Strategy

Cost and time controls are central elements of construction risk management. When we enter a project early, important decisions are made accurately and on a timely basis, since each phase or component of a project can be implemented and controlled separately from the very beginning. In this way, you reduce risks by acquiring direct control over detailed budgets and schedules – two areas where full transparency and accountability are crucial. There is thus no danger of large unforeseen cost overruns. You decide how budgets and schedules shall be managed. And you save valuable time and money.

The Result: Flexibility, Transparency and Full Project Control

Our project management approach simplifies and ensures the efficiency of quality, budget and scheduling management as well as dozens of contractors and suppliers. The whole process becomes reliable, flexible, transparent, and well supervised by AZCM professionals, who have done it many times before. If costs or schedules show signs of change, we show you exactly why and keep them under full control.

Recent projects

New-concept Moxy hotel in Copenhagen

In Denmark’s capital, AZCM was responsible for the construction of a Moxy Sydhavnen hotel of almost 6,900 sq. m. We provided a full range of construction-management services for this project’s developer Vastint Hospitality. In the five-story Mox…

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